As Organizations Reliance On Technology Continues To Grow

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As organizations reliance on technology continues to grow so has the amount of cyber attacks which occur compromising organizations information systems and networks. These cyber attacks can have drastic effect on organization financially including downtime or even regulatory fines. Due to this the need to be able to properly identify assets, their vulnerabilities and threats, and the risk they pose to the organization has become a must for ensuring the protection of organizations information systems and networks. This have gave way to the creation of threat modeling process to aid organizations beater identify and mitigate the risk to their organizations security. The creation of a threat model is a way for organizations to be able to…show more content…
As mentioned above the first threat in this threat modeling process is vulnerability and threat source identification. In this step it is job of the threat modeler to perform research to identify detailed sources of information about threats and vulnerabilities. When choosing sources about threat and vulnerabilities it is essential to ensure that the sources are up to date and credible. This often requires the threat modeler to look for published sources of information or even scholarly websites to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the information. One example of an excellent source for information about threats and vulnerabilities which are commonly used by threat modelers in the National Institute of Technology’s National Vulnerability Database. This is an up to date government repository of identify vulnerabilities
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