Techfite’S Organizational Ethics And Social Responsibilities.

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Techfite’s Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibilities
A. Create three (3) corporate policies that reflect the organization’s culture and ethical viewpoints.
• (Flexible Work Schedule Policy) (Flextime) Techfite will permit supervisors within reason to adjust current start and leave times of the workplace and is line with our culture of workplace collaboration.
• (Community Involvement Policy) Techfite will give managers an option to permit employees to take time out of the workday to be involved in community activities in the certainty of all business needs to be fulfilled.
• (Diversity in the Workplace Policy) and the institution of this policy will aid with issues such as addressing cultural differences, adapting to change, …show more content…

In addition to schools, other non-profit charitable organizations will benefit from Techfite’s corporate and employee’s community involvement and address prior commitments we made to Dellburg’s city council.
The Diversity in the Workplace Policy will immediately address concerns between the United States and United Kingdom about hours and benefits as well as legal and cultural differences between the two. Consequently, by taking prompt action to diversify the workplace, Techfite will show their culture to gain acceptance between respective parties. Moreover, Techfite’s culture known for developing leadership and introduction of said policy could show the corporation 's commitment to promoting diversity in not only current leadership but by displaying diversity in the development of future leadership which is in tune with Techfite’s culture of leadership development. Moreover, by diversifying the workplace, it shows employees that there is an openness within our organization that encourages our culture of workplace collaboration by encouraging them to express ideas and opinions with equal value to all.
A. (2.) Analyze the ethical issues at stake in the scenario and distinguish from legal matters.
The difference between ethical and legal issues conceive from the difference or separation between internal areas of ethics and law. Ethical issues are standards driven by the morality of what should or should not be done;

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