Technical Marketing Strategy For Arts

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As the visual arts intern at Blue medium—one of the leading art PR firms in NYC—my experience has taught me aspects I could have never learned at a typical PR agency or traditional art institutions. By helping with several ongoing projects of big clients, such as IFPDA Print Fair, The Museum of the Moving Image and Albertz Benda gallery, I learned how an art PR firm operates and how to conduct a comprehensive marketing strategy for arts institutions. To summarize my learning points, here are three lessons I learned that were essential in understanding the future of Blue Medium and art PR Industry. First is the importance of converging public relations and arts. PR is an old industry, but it’s a relatively new phenomenon in the art world. In the mid-1990s, art PR was almost nonexistent, save for large general practice firms like Ruder Finn (which had arts divisions that handled mostly institutional clients like museums) and some burgeoning agencies like Fitz & Co. For commercial galleries, which had just lurched their way through a recession, hiring a PR firm was considered an extravagance, and maybe even a little gauche; the received wisdom was that if a gallery had good artists and exhibitions, the press would come clamoring. However, things have changed. For instance, Pace gallery, one of the biggest galleries in NYC, corporates with Sutton PR for event management and network consultant. With the boom in art galleries and art fairs, art institutions need not only to

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