Technological Advancement In World War 1

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Technology Advancements in World War One During World War One there were many new technological advancements that completely changed the way we fought the war. With new weapons making it harder to get near the enemy, and a new style of fighting that made it difficult to actually hit the enemy, new technology had to be made. Some of these new technologies were extremely brutal and caused way more deaths than any other war the United States had previously been a part of. Although many of these new technologies increased the death toll in the war, there were others that actually reduced it. New medical improvements were made that reduced death from disease significantly and some that made treating injuries on the battlefield, rather than in a …show more content…

Not only could it shoot more rapidly than any previous gun, it was more powerful and portable than earlier rapid-firing guns. Machine guns were especially helpful during trench warfare,where they could mow down the enemies as they tried to cross “no man's land”. Anybody still left after the machine gun fire could easily be taken down by all of the men with rifles in the trench. However, there were some problems with the machine gun. One of these problems was that, although the machine gun used in World War One was lighter than previous machine guns, it was still much too heavy to carry around and shoot. The machine guns were usually required to be on the ground with a stand in order to shoot properly and accurately. One other downside of the machine guns was that they required four to six different people to operate it at one time. The final two downsides to machine guns are that they would often overheat and that they could get jammed. Overheating most often occurred if the machine guns were fired constantly, so usually they shot in bursts. None of these issues stopped the use of machine guns though, because even though they had some malfunctions, they could shoot hundreds of rounds per minute and were very effective against enemies. Machine guns were one of the many technological advancements in World War One that caused way more deaths than it …show more content…

Poisonous gas was so devastating that after World War One all chemical weapons were completely banned from use during wars. The main use for poisonous gas during World War One was during trench warfare, the gas could be thrown into the trench where a large group of enemies were in a small area, and then they would be forced out because of the gas. Frequently though, most of the enemy soldiers died before making it out. There were multiple types of poison gas used during World War One, and each of the types were used for different purposes. First was mustard gas and tear gas which were mainly used to make enemy soldiers incapable of fighting back and although tear gas doesn’t kill people, mustard gas could kill you but it took weeks and is extremely agonizing. The other two types of gas, chlorine and phosgene, were used with the intention to kill the enemy. Chlorine gas mainly affects your lungs by mixing with the mucous in them and turning into hydrochloric acid. Phosgene is a much more deadly gas than chlorine and most deaths from chemical weapons in World War One were caused by it. Not only was phosgene more toxic than chlorine, it was also harder to detect because it doesn’t really have a color and its smell isn’t very strong. Poisonous gases are another extremely deadly weapon invented during World War One and were extremely painful and

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