Technological Advancements Around The World Have Developed

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Technological advancements around the world have developed a unique platform for exclusive application technology as a critical tool useful in the definition of social as well as economic advancements. The extent to which different people can access the technological advancements is significant to the definition of how challenging it is for people to access the same technological advancements, hence the creation of a digital divide. The digital divide can be defined as the state of social inequality defined in relation to the access, use, as well as impacts linked to the use of digital communication as well as technological platforms. The move to overcome the digital divide would not only be informed by the promotion of overall success in …show more content…

The computers and the internet were extremely expensive and not all Americans could afford the two core elements. The rich could easily afford the internet and computers while the majority who were poor could not afford the core tools. Therefore, a divide began to develop between the rich and the poor over the computers and the internet. A time had come when jobs would only be obtained by the few who had technical knowledge on computer and internet use (Qureshi, 2014).
An article written by New York Times in 1996 was the most outstanding definition of the digital divide. It was a research on the use of computers and internets in high, middle and low-class schools around California. It was evident that a lot of children in high- end schools could afford the digital devices, with an average number of the middle-class student while low-class students could not afford the laptops as well as the internet. While the prestigious schools around California could afford exclusive digital devices, the public schools attended by the poorest in the community could not afford any platform for the technological devices (Poole, 1996).
In the prestigious schools, the students were being prepared to take part in the growing US economy while a number of the students in the poor schools were being denied an opportunity for growth. The introduction of computers and the internet meant connection for the

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