Technological Educational Studies: Drones in Education

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Course Description Drones in Education is an introductory course describing the uses and future use of drones in the use of high school and adult technological educational studies. Courses in robotic drones are popular at various educational high school and adult education facilities, such as Unmanned Vehicles University, which offers “post-graduate engineering degrees, both masters and doctorate, in unmanned aerial vehicle systems.” (ABC News, 2013). These type of courses help students get positions related to drone technologies.
Provide a safe and educational online structured learning environment with multiple means of instruction and learning opportunities centered on the uses of robot drones for educational purposes. Enable students to have a working knowledge of robot drones and their applications. Encourage students to develop their skills and expertise in further educational approaches which center on the applications of drones in the educational process.
Target Learners High school students and adult education students interested in learning the technological applications of drones in educational frameworks are the target learners for this online course.
Unique Needs/Challenges of Online Learners Online learners need an environment that provides them current information in a structured environment conducive to a positive and safe method of instruction. Online learners with disabilities or who are technologically challenged need a learning environment
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