Technology And Cell Phones For Granted

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Nowadays we take technology like internet and cell phones for granted. They allow us to operate more efficiently and provide us with solutions to various issues. There was a time however when cell phones and the internet did not exist and technology was not as evolved. A time when fax machines were new and few in numbers due to its value and only the telephone was the central means of communication. During the 1970’s, many or close to all businesses relied on postal service for financial papers such as stocks, checks, and bonds. Back then most department stores received 85% of their accounts receivable through the mail (Chesterton, 1970). At that time, Richard Nixon was President and the congress had passed motions that would give members of congress a 41% pay raise (3). Meanwhile they only gave postal employees a mere 4% raise. This would be the ultimate reason and trigger of the largest walkout ever on the federal government in U.S history. In those times postal workers were not unionized and also strikes by public employees were illegal. Regardless, just after midnight on March 18th 1970 the members of the National Association of Letter Carriers also known as the NALC went on a wildcat strike. The local Branch 36 had voted previously on March 17th and it resulted in 1,555 to 1,055 to walk out the next day (Chesterton, 1970). James Rademacher, president of the NALC had urged his workers to return to work. Postmaster General Winton Blount didn’t have the power to end the…
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