Technology And Higher Up Education : A Literature Review

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Technology in Higher Up Education: A Literature Review The higher up education in the United States has always excelled as one of the best around the world. Many of the learning methods that are used nowadays in colleges and universities are a lot similar to the ones used in past generation. A variant that nowadays affects not only education but also our lives in general is the technology that we have at our disposal. Technology is the next step of education so much so that many higher up educational system are trying to implement technology Despite budget woes, the report shows many colleges are moving forward with plans for new technology in several areas (Kaya, 2010). For many there is still no clear way of seeing the benefits of implementing more technology in the classroom, technology remains a disruptive innovation—and an expensive one (The economist, 2008). Personal technologies are getting mix in the way of how we learn and teach in higher up education, which means that everyday we are seeing more and more technology being used in the classroom by students as well as teachers. The impact of technology in education is by many undefined as a positive or a negative one, this literature review intends with three questions address and review the issue. The questions being address are these: 1. What are the learning benefits or disadvantages of students using personal technology (cellphones, laptops, etc.) on higher up education? 2. What are the effects on students
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