Technology And Its Effect On Children

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Present day technology today has helped us connect with others miles away through E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other forms of social media. Although technology was initially designed to improve communication, the reliance on technology has an adverse effect on many families and the children, in particular the problem that it causes interference in relationships. According to Smith, “19% of Americans adults rely to some degree on a smartphone for accessing online services and information and for staying connected to the world around them”. Where as 15% of young Americans ages 18-29 are heavily dependent on cell phones (Smith). There are 323,928,054 individuals living in the United States as of nine thirty on June 5, 2016 (U.S. Department of Commerce). So if there is a total of 34% of Americans that are dependent on their cell phones this means that out of 323,928,054 Americans 110,135,538 depend on their phone for internet and constant communication with others. There are some individuals that believe that internet and technology has not changed the way that individuals spend their time in public. According to New Media Institute, “Internet use does not pull people away from public places. Rather, use is associated with frequent visits to places such as parks, cafes, and restaurants, the kinds of locales where research shows that people are likely to encounter a wider array of people and diverse points of view. Indeed, internet access has become a common component
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