Analysis Of Small Change By Malcolm Gladwell

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While use of technology has contributed to a substantial part of one’s life, it has come with both good and bad ties. Technology has helped us create different forms of communicating with each other whether it’s through social media, text messages or phone calls. Social media has made it easier to connect with others whether they are close by or across the country. People use the internet for a variety of reasons including posting pictures of one’s life or to see how other’s are doing in their life. It is used to keep up with everyone’s life when one personally take part in it. A good use for technology is being able to use the internet to spread a movement and being virtually united with others. Malcolm Gladwell explains how the internet has been used toward activism and protests in his essay, “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted.” Gladwell defines the strong and weak ties about technology and social media being used for activism. He provides examples of how people are using social media to project their voice or spread their movement and how quickly it makes it’s way around the world. Although he makes an argument that social media may be useful to start a movement, he does feel that it doesn’t work as well for activism. Gladwell points out that social media has it’s weak ties when comparing the connection between two people through social media and the connection between two people that know each other personally. Sherry Turkle also makes the same

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