Technology And Technology Essay

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Is technology really helping society for the better? Banksy is a street artist(s), who began doing graffiti in the early 1900s. The work done by the artist(s) is largely freehand but also uses stencils to apply the work. At times, the work makes political statements in a public place to cause attention. Other times the work is less serious and includes pieces depicting children or lovers. This work is produced in a public location so the public can view the art; it is created for everyone to see. The two images I have chosen are less politically driven and more focused on the integrity of today’s society. These images were given names of “The Lovers” and “Einstein”. Both of these art works tell a story of technology taking over today’s society. Banksy uses his art to open the eyes of the viewers, with “The Lovers” and “Einstein” he catches the attention of many people of its interpretation of today’s society. Technology is constantly advancing, there is a new phone or electronical device coming out almost every month. Practically everyone owns something that can be used to search the internet or send messages. But is this taking away from the personal connections needed in our daily lives? Many times, a person is more likely to send an email or text rather than have a phone call or meet up with the person because it is easier. Since everyone is becoming busier in their daily lives it is easier and more convenient to send the message and wait for a response. Although

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