Technology And Technology Essay

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-As time goes by, technology continues to advance faster than ever. This progress in technology in the last century has made more advancements than any era of human history. The amount of growth in technology is so unbelievable that a person from a decade ago would be shocked with what has been accomplished. Although it may seem like we’re on the pinnacle, technology will still continue to advance further. Equipment, medicine, and even the way we communicate with one another has all been changed due to technology. Due to the advancement of technology, changes in human interactions among each other has also developed. Various amounts of books and movies has been created around the relationship between human reliance on technology, such as children movies like Wall-E and Feed. This idea of a change in interactions between humans has been popularized in the media. Wall-E and Feed are a couple of examples that critique the future development of human reliance with technology through the human-to-human interactions in the plotline and characters. -As technology continues to advance and evolve, change in communication also progresses. Humans are relying on technology heavily to communicate with each other. In the popular children film, Wall-E, this idea has been demonstrated. The characters in the film are humans from the future that are all obese and could barely walk. The movie has characters that all share similar appearances and hobbies. One major feature the characters

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