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The technological advances of the 21st century have changed the way individuals interact with one another. In the 1960s and 1970s, only universities, corporations, and the government owned expensive computers (Levy 285). In the article “Progress in the Technology of Neuromodulation: The Emperor’s New Clothes,” Robert Levy traces the technological advances from the 1975 mass-producing Altair 800 computer to the growth of personal computing thirty years later. He acknowledges that in 2009, the changes in telephonic communications and cellular telephone use grew to a staggering rate (Levy 287). As innovative and as exciting as the changes were, cell phones have created a number of problems for users, especially among young users. The …show more content…

“This show runs stories about teens being lured out their homes or using social media sites to bully each other without fear of consequences” (qtd. In Hornsby).
Along with putting youth into harm’s way, technology also distracts them. Social media and text messages have become a part of youth’s everyday lives. Sherry Turkle, professor in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT, interviewed young people about their use of technology. Many expressed the need to be constantly connected, which often times leads to their inability to make the logical decision to wait to respond to a text message while driving. Turkle interviewed high school students about their cell phone habits. Roman, an eighteen-year-old high school senior said, “I just have to know who wanted to connect” (Turkle 429). Because youth cannot wait to connect with others, they find themselves texting while driving. Marilyn, another interviewee, confessed, “I keep my sound on when I drive. When a text comes in, I have to look. No matter what” (429). Social media and text messages distract teens while driving and can cause them to have accidents. Technology also distracts youth while in school. Students become distracted when they hear their phone beep and get the urge to check their phone. Once teens check their phones, they tend to miss important information in class and their grades can often suffer from it.
Because youth are

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