Technology And Technology Essay

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Innovation is surrounding us. It's not a matter of how to adapt to it, but rather how to embrace and inspire more creative thoughts. Designing for the future is no easy task, especially when taking into the consideration the continually evolving ideas of each generation. Each age group possesses their distinctive desires, but the baby boomers, in particular, are unique in their utilization of technology. As this cohort continues to utilize technology, it is evident that designers need to look at the priorities of this generation and determine how to implement cleanliness, communication, and medical care in either repurposed or brand new facilities. Technology is transforming the healthcare industry, and we as designers must work to adapt to this change to successfully satisfy the aging population.
Because of the significant proportion of older generations in the United States compared to younger ones, it is no question that the population is aging faster than products and services develop in most sectors of the economy. The primary cause of this the size of the baby boomer generation. These include those born between 1946 and 1964 following World War I. This cohort has been influencing the nation since its birth, and the group's needs for living are no exception. This generation started turning 65 in 2011 creating an increasing demand for living areas that accommodate for the aging population. By 2029, more than 20% of the nation will be older than 65 years old, even

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