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Companies Trend Toward Technology and Sustainable Business Practices
In 2017, the business world is changing at a rapid pace. Every day new innovations or ideas are suggested to those who run both large and small companies. Determining which of these are worthwhile trends and which will disappear requires a leader that is able to connect the dots and who is skilled in core competencies including technology management, public service, motivation, strategic thinking, and vision (Eversity, Concept 5). Two trends that will strongly impact the businesses of today and tomorrow are technology and the implementation of sustainable business practices.
The first trend that will have an enormous impact on businesses is rapidly evolving technology. According to the Institute for Global Futures, business and technology have fused, and it is imperative that organizations understand the changes in order to survive (Top Ten Trends, n.d.). It is no longer enough to simply keep up with technology. In today’s business environment, “continuous transformation” will be necessary in order to integrate new technology smoothly and quickly (Judah, 2017). One rapidly expanding technology involves the Internet of Things(IoT), where products with an on/off switch can communicate with each other over the internet. While this can be convenient, there can be security and privacy concerns. Therefore, a company must implement the changes with security in mind to protect its self and its customers. The

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