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Ask any grandparent or great-grandparent and you will likely hear something like, “Back in my day, parents…” before launching into an explanation of how much better their way of parenting was. Obviously, children today are raised much differently than in past decades. This is largely due to changes in values, attitudes and beliefs about the role of the parent. Although each family adopts their own unique parenting style, a few of the major changes which have sociological implications have occurred in the role technology plays in parenting, the economic support role of the parent, and the decision-making role of the parent (Knox & Schacht, 2016).
According to Knox and Schacht (2016), many parents initially were against the role technology began playing in parenting, as it took the place of children playing outdoors and with other children. This caused a significant decrease in social skills necessary for getting along with others, as well as decreased physical activity and children’s natural curiosity to explore the world around them. As time has progressed, however, Knox and Schacht (2016) point out that some parents fell prey to the temptation to “use technology to entertain their children.” Most young children today can quote television shows and commercials better than they can identify numbers, spell their name, or talk about how to make the best mud pie. Eventually, parents began to realize the impact this was having on their children. Today, the majority of

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