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In recent years I have noticed an increasing amount of acceptance towards technology. It seems that the most influential times of our lives is being alone on our phones. The amount of technology I use daily is something like a dance between man and machine. Originally, I thought of myself as being independent of need or want for technology. After researching into my own use of technology, the reality was clear to see. My life is completely intertwined with the ever-advancing world of technology. Our lives seem to have always incorporated tools in everyday life. These tools have evolved into a necessity from the automobile, an electric iron, and cellular devices with all different types of applications; applications help with other daily …show more content…

The very beginning of my day is set to the point where it would be difficult to recreate without the use of technology. The rest of each day continued in a similar fashion; making meals stored inside a refrigerator and cooked on top of the electric stove. While eating, I listen to global news from my cell phone. It is a smooth transition from one piece of technology to the other. The days will progress with a trip to the store using my automobile down concrete paths, paved by massive machines and using credit card machines to process payments. Ending each day with a house that is cooled to the perfect temperature and checking for any new notifications before going to sleep. The following day after observing my notes, I started really thinking about technology in different lights. A thought fell upon me; How many times has a stranger taken a video or photo of me doing something embarrassing in public and shared it on a social media application? An example would be while in traffic and I start singing with great enthusiasm when the person next to me thinks it's funny and decides to share this instantly with the global community on any social media application. This idea made me feel like technology can be quite convenient but has potential to be invasive, as well. The conclusion of the data collected has become something I did not see coming. There seems to be needed for the technology to improve our

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