Technology And Technology : The Advancements Of Technology

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Since the beginning of time, man has walked the earth, and the natural instincts of the fight for survival, our love and nurturing nature, life processes, and protective instincts has taken man through many eras of time. Throughout this time man has evolved, and so have the abilities to develop useful tools and instruments to aid man through life. In the prehistoric days, man built tools from stone, weapons to hunt, built fires, invented cookware, and began to barter. This is the cornerstone of man’s desire to improve upon ideas, create improved products, and propel humanity into modern day society. This progression of technological advances, leading us to the access of the internet, has sparked conversations in society of conflicting …show more content…

The features that I use frequently are: notes, calculator, credit/debit card reader, phone, internet, camera, social media, maps, and other useful tools that have become essential in my everyday operations. The notes and calculator features are especially handy when I am on location to take measurements and discuss project details with clients. I am able to type or speak a note, give estimates without carrying around multiple tools, and transmit data on the spot. The credit/debit card reader has greatly increased business, especially at vending booths. Many people have stopped carrying cash with them so they rely on their credit/debit card to pay. This service eliminates the loss of clients due to payment methods. The availability to access these tools on my smartphone, and instant access to the internet and social media wherever I am, has also proven to be a valuable tool. I utilize the internet for a multitude of purposes, such as: researching products, visiting online stores to purchase supplies, social media applications and sites for marketing my products, to take photos and instantly upload them to share new products or the location of a vending booth, email to communicate with customers, the ability to view videos and demonstrations to improve my skills, and more. This access has opened limitless doors, both professionally and personally. The way technology is moving in these devices is

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