Technology And Technology

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Many critics have written opinion pieces on technology and how it affects our society. Some say technology will be the ruin of the human race as we know it, others say it is the greatest tool to ever be made, and yet others state technology is changing the basic function of the human mind. Along with the before stated topics, equalities of all kinds are thoroughly presented in these opinion pieces. Whether it is gender, racial, or inequalities based on disabilities; writers have covered many of the bases when it comes to how technology affects discrimination. Eula Biss wrote an essay on telephone poles called Time and Distance Overcome, which also covered racial discrimination. Another work called Is Coding the New Literacy? by Tasneem Raja goes in-depth on the gender gap in the computer coding work field. Elizabeth Marcoux explains how technology is responsible for discrimination in the form of cyberbullying in her work, Cyberbullying and Technology. The one exception to the discrimination that happens is discussed in the work, To Siri With Love by Judith Newman. She shows how technology can be used as an equalizer in some cases in society. While technology has solved many problems; many inequalities pertaining to race, gender, and numerous others are still prevalent in the cyber world.
Technology, like most other inventions, was made to move our society in a forward motion, creating numerous opportunities for people from all walks of life. One of the first way invented to

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