Technology And Technology : The Negative Effects Of Technology

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With technology ever present in our lives, people must ask ourselves if the tools chain us. People have made and are forgetting necessary common sense skills that up to now were part of growing up such as socializing. Thanks to the effect of social media the way people interact have changed. One, will probably never pick up a road map and need to know how to navigate it with the ability to have an always an up to date map in the palm of your hand or if you buy a separate device for your vehicle that will ever tell you where you are anywhere in the world. Due to technology have over encroachment over our lives, people are losing communication with other people. As we can access an endless well of information and entertainment people will soon not know how to behave when that access is taken away. If this trend continues, other generations will forget the significance of what real life is. People should avoid having an addiction to the devices and the internet because if people do not do it on time, next generations will be lost in this new obsession.
Throughout the years, people would rely on face-to-face communication to gain more social skills and possibly win greater information from wise people, but as time continues to pass, society has taken a U-turn and have profoundly affected their social skills. The lack of social skills on the newest generation will an adverse effect when communicating with others is required. Communication is now slowly decreasing to a

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