The Negative Effects Of Technology On Society

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Technology is something that shapes our society to be what it is today. Much of it consists of things we use in our everyday lives such as cell phones, internet, etc. People don’t even think twice about using these things because they come so natural to us now. Many years ago, people probably couldn’t even imagine that most of these things could actually be possible. Technology is arguably the main factor that has changed society, however, the main debate is whether or not these changes are actually advantageous. Roxanna Henke and Stephen Colbert are two people who have made an effort to try to prove the negative effects of technology. Their audiences may choose to accept or reject the ideas, so it’s key for both of them to use rhetorical devices that can effectively get people to agree with them. The question is, who can better convey their notions to the audience? If we closely analyze both of their efforts to persuade, It’s evident that Stephen Colbert does a better job.
In the text “Not So Social Media,” Roxanne Henke gives her view on the way that social media is affecting behavior of people in real life social environments. It’s obvious that many people today use social media; Some would say that people use it too much. According to Manuel Castells in the article “The Impact of Internet on Society: A Global Perspective,” the number of social media users reached 1 billion by 2010, and has gone up drastically every year since. Henke uses personal experiences and

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