Technology And Technology : Today 's Youth 's Lives

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Technology appears more and more in today’s youth’s lives. Add this to the advent of the smartphone as a staple in households with 91% of adolescents using modern technology (computers, phones, etc.) regularly, it is easy to see why teachers and parents feel their students know more about technology then they do (). This mentality, however, leads adults to the critical error of assuming children do not need to be taught technology if anything adults should be using technology to teach. As the article “Even Digital Natives’ Need Digital Training” elaborates students today lack important skills in online etiquette, safety, and productivity that must be addressed by the educational system. If it is not, adolescents can harm themselves (McNeill). With this in mind, the described digital problem, the actual student risk, and the simple teacher solution shows that students are more than technology fools but still technology learners. Today, technology fools or technology geniuses seem to be the divided in opinion. As the article, “Even ‘Digital Natives’ need Digital Training” says most adults are allowing children access to media devices at sooner and sooner (McNeill). This is turn, leads children to become better and better at technology at older ages because they have more years of experience. Leading adults to the belief that children know more and more about technology then they do so they see students as technology geniuses that need these devices in the classroom, this…
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