Technology : Are Smartphones Good For Children?

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Technology has made a huge impact since the telephone. It is the first smartphone. A few decades ago nobody even knew what a smartphone was. Phones, computers, and touch screen technology have come into the world like a sudden bang and everyone wants it. Fifty-eight percent of kids younger than eight have a phone and eighty percent of all teenagers have a phone. Parents will spend over $462.00 on their kid's technology to keep them up to date. Kids are always wanting the newest technology, toys, and games. However, should we give it to them? 37% of parents who were interviewed admitted to giving their children whatever they ask for, within reason. Nowadays, 87% of kids have smartphones. Are smartphones good for kids? Many parents give their phones for three key reasons. Safety. Communication. Helps with schoolwork and getting information when needed. Most moms are willing to give their kid phones so they can communicate with friends, take photos, it helps with safety, parents can install apps that forward all texts sent to people automatically to their phone, GPS locators in case they get lost and because it is more convenient. If your child has a cell phone they can also communicate with long-distance friends and family, easily. Phones can also be equipped with reminder programs so kids don't forget to do things and so you don't constantly have to tell them. Giving your child a smartphone is also the sign of trust, that you trust them to take care of it, not lose and

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