Technology Change In Society

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The stature of social interactions in the United States and the globe at large is fast-shifting. According to the Article, Future Shock authored by Alvin Toffler, change is occurring in the culture of the United States populace. The technology wave is a phenomenon that is disrupting what used to be considered normal, binding, and sacred. The new changes have not only affected the biological aspects of the global and the United States populace alike, but also individual ways of life. The effect transcends to marriage as a binding and legal institution. The fact that the changes have redefined the nature of social interactions makes it difficult for two people to coexist and live harmoniously without the intervention and usage of technology. Ultimately, people have grown depended to technology to the extent that they may be unable to survive and interact with each other without it.

Technological changes have affected social constructs and ignited a wave of social transformation that is remodeling the fate of American marriages. The evolution of technology has inspired changes in human behavior. The emergence of technology will demand that workers should be ready to relocate when need be, thus shedding the concept of extended family and fostering the emergence of “nuclear family.” The entirety of technology has changed lifestyle hence marriages are no longer considered permanent and binding. Marriages require commitment and faithfulness alongside harmonious co-existence.

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