Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Throughout history, humans have sought technological advances, from the discovery of fire to the creation of the internet. Challenging the laws of nature and creating something to revolutionize the world is a fascinating concept which can be understood by most of humanity. Technology has allowed mankind to change the perspective of individuals while also making life easier and more comfortable as time progresses. From getting people from one place to another within hours to connecting them from around the world is only a click away. With endless information and opportunities being at the tip of the fingers, not all technological advances are being used for the purpose that they were created for. Various websites and technology-oriented things are being misused and causing unnecessary problems in people’s lives. Social networking has helped millions connect with their family and friends around the world. This however has also caused problems among teens and a lot of adults as well as they have become addicted, causing many to hide behind a screen to feel good about themselves and have caused them to stoop down to cyber bullying, also have become dependent on this technology, as they feel the need to be up-to-date on everything occurring in someone else’s life sometimes causing depression and becoming anti-social from real life due to the social networking sites present such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. Life has greatly improved in the past few decades.
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