Technology Commercialization And Information Controls

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Technology commercialization and information controls:
Technology commercialization: The main aim of this lecture is to make us understand about technology commercialization and information control. Firstly the key terms (discovery, invention, technology, commercialization) are used to make us understand the term technology commercialization by showing the relationship between them.
• Discovery – finding a previously unknown natural law, material, property or other information - basic science/research (quantum mechanics, genetics, periodic table, relativity, DNA)
Invention – creating a prototype of a machine or process based upon discoveries (first transistor, LASER, radio, …show more content…

Information control:
In business and accounting, information technology controls (or IT controls) are specific activities performed by persons or systems designed to ensure that business objectives are met. They are a subset of an enterprise 's internal control.
Commercial companies protect information for making profits and to increase the share value. The main three things in commercial information control are patent, copyrights and trade secrets/propritery information.
1) Patents are used to protect concepts, inventions and designs.
2) Copyrights protect publications like books and recordings
3) Any information protected as proprietary or trade secrets (business processes, internal organization, internal research).
Employees may have to sign agreements not to disclose sensitive information outside company (NDA, PIA).
Employees to have to sign non-compete agreements should they change employers Suppliers and partners may also be bound by NDAs or PIAs.
Most technology commercialization involves information control. If the customer is from another company then the information will be provided on contractual obligations. Like business plans and organization, inventions and trade secrets, suppliers and organization and all the vital information is not shared if they have to share the information its all done in contract bases.
Commercial technical information often termed “Intellectual Property” or “IP”.
US Legal Basis – Commercial Information

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