The Student Digital Privacy And Parental Rights Act

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Introduction Everyday businesses here at The Best Widget Incorporated involves working with various types of data. The need to manage the data to ensure that it is accurate while also ensuring that if follows and necessary laws is a requirement. To assist in ensuring all data is accurate and properly collected the use of data capture system will need to be deployed. Data management/customer privacy laws When it comes to data management the need to ensure that all laws that pertain to customer privacy are followed. There are many different laws whether they be federal, state or local laws to ensure that the data that is collected is protected. For example, H.R. 2092 the student digital privacy and parental rights act helps protect…show more content…
One possible solution would be to hold the data in a different table in the database to allow insure that the data is protected from accidently being included with non student data. The data that is collected needs to be managed differently as we as the need to provide parental access when necessary and insure that we do not include it in any advertising promotion we may offer. The financial services modernization act is geared towards financial institutions, if we offer any type of financial servers here at The Best Widget Incorporated, we need to ensure that we understand all laws dealing with the collection of said information. Under this act there are regulation on the collection, how we intend to use the collected information, and the disclosure of the information to anyone. Under this act we may be require to provide a notice of our privacy practices while also ensuring the we follow any necessary disposal rules should the situation arise (Jolly, 2015). As with any financial information collected we need to ensure that the customers information is kept safe and secure and the information we gather follow the proper collection regulations. We need to disclose to the customer the ways we intend to use the information, such as running credit checks or opening lines of credit. Prior to the customer submitting any information we need to ensure that we disclose this information. Aspects of Data Management The
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