Technology Influences : Is The Internet Hurting Our Teens And Children Or Is It Harming Them?

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Fernando Francisco
Lisa Granados
English 28
11 August 2015
Technology Influences You Is the internet benefiting our teens and children or is it harming them? If it is benefiting them; in which particular ways. If it isn’t benefiting them, what is hurting teens? The internet can benefit or ruin you if you get addicted; it depends on the person and his uses. The internet has come to the point where it can make many things that you couldn’t have done before become possible, and make life easier. The Internet can make you fall into temptation as well, with all of its amazing features. The Internet can cause depression and the feeling of being left out of the real world, if you can’t get online. The Media and the Internet can really help a child in his academic skills and social skills outside of school as well if used correctly. In todays time our children are being addictive to the new technology and are surfing webs spending a lot of useful time using other peoples creation of technology, they are not being creative and it isn’t benefiting them at all. Should parents limit the internet or not; choices like these will impact a teen’s life and should be researched before a decision is made. The Internet can benefit our youth and our future in a magnificent measure, but there should be a limit so it can affect our youth in a healthy way and not in a negative way.
We can start by analyzing how our children and teenagers can benefit from the media and all of the other type of

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