The Internet : Man 's Greatest Double Edge Sword

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The Internet: Man’s Greatest Double Edge Sword The internet. It is one of man’s greatest technological achievements and useful tools, but also one of its deadliest and addicting drugs. And with each hallucinogen comes consequences. It starts small, as with any narcotic. Just five minutes on Pintrest, a quick tweet, or maybe a Facebook timeline update. But as time progresses, the signs and symptoms of this toxic habit become ever so present. Two and a half hours wasted, sleep deprivation, and even violent reactions are just a few of the various indicators that a person has been squandering copious amounts of time on the internet. As soon as a person enters the facebook web address into their browser, they slowly become immersed into the soft, glowing blue background that envelopes many people today. But this is not to say that the internet is purely evil. With the internet, people do not have to waste countless hours looking for books at the library for a research essay. News spreads faster due to websites such as Fox News and CNN. People can now work on projects together from the comfort of their homes. Although the internet has positively influenced society in many ways, it has a done more damage to individuals than benefit by spreading bad news faster, wasting peoples precious time with useless games and phone applications, and introducing cyber bullying, all of which need to be stopped.
The internet offers a multitude of resources are at one’s disposal

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