Technology Is More Harmful Than It Is Helpful

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Many people tend to believe technology is more harmful than it is helpful. You have had to hear how the internet totally corrodes children 's social skills and contributes to illiteracy. It is no secret the internet can be a filthy place and innocent children can easily fall as prey to online predators. Although the internet can fall into all of these negative catagories, the fact still remains that there are also many scholar benefits of allowing your children access to the internet. As the internet can now be accessed from the tip of our fingers from mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, innovated tecnology can encourage creativity and intelligence in children. Students nowadays mostly learn through the internet via …show more content…

Use of the internet can help with critical thinking if used correctly. Children need to make sure they know the difference between useful sources and misinformation. This will force children to learn to think more critically, and it will steer them clear of unreliable souces from the internet. Studies have shown that children who use the internet have a higher level of comprehension. Studies have also shown that children who have internet access at home tend to make better grades than those who do not. Parents may fear that the internet is killing their children 's want to read, but it is actually encouraging them to read. The internet has contributed significantly in increasing the interest of children in reading books. According to a study, 62 percent of children perfer to read printed books instead of online editions. Although that would make you think otherwise of the internet, the children are turning to the internet to gather additional information about the books they have read. They can also use the internet to learn about new books, authors, reseachers, etc... that strike their interest. Also accounding to the study, students in kindergarden through second grade when provided with a digital text with a dictionary demonstrate improvements in word reading skills and increased awareness of a given language, phonogical. With children gaining a more advance

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