Technology Is Used by More as the Expense Goes Down Essay example

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The new Boob tube
People have become so reliant on technology and just in the last couple of years on ipads and Tablets. These devices have changed a lot of ways that we function; for example, we generally would use a laptop to do many of the functions that are now executed by the tablets. People have become reliant upon the convenience and simplicity. These products are sold at nearly every retail store across the United States, making it a breeze to get one. Therefore, making them as popular, if not more as the T.V.; with that being said, there are many positives and a few negatives to these products. The use of tablets (ipads, etc.) has increased greatly in the last couple of years also due to affordability.
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Allowing, for major competition in merchandise and cost, just about every company wants to be the best price and have the best product to offer. This is a blessing to many families and companies, especially during our hard economic times when money is often scarce.
The conveniences of these devices are second to none. They are lightweight and easy to operate children and adults alike can handle them with ease. The Tablets and ipads are perfect travel companions, because they can simply slip into any bag without consuming much space. Due to their light nature, they can be easily hand held for an extended duration of time. Making it that much more convenient, and they can be used while standing, as well, unlike a laptop. Their compact design allows for effortless transportation.
On the other hand, I think that by using tablets, it lessens interactions with others. Children generally, will play on their tablets instead of going outside to play with siblings or neighbors, or reading books with their parents. They as an alternative have their books on the tablet and view them that way. This is very sad because it is slowly pushing out the interpersonal relationships that we often gain as children. Also, generally most games on the tablet are single player games, making it almost worse than video games, where children can play tandemly and have some interaction with one another. Adults are more likely to use them for social media websites such as

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