Technology Over Time Will Reduce Demand For Jobs

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Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set. ... 20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower” (Bort). This is not for only simple jobs. On such example of discovery, which is where a lawyer has to search through documents and make connections. This is already being automated in many firms, and is a large part of lawyering, as well as estimating the risk of lawsuits. These are all things computers are naturally better at than humans, and with the ability of teach themselves to sort information by looking through it, which is esactly what machine learning does, poses a very large risk for the lawyers of today. Lawyers are not the only big famous…show more content…
But in the 21st century, if we find more affordable and accessible ways of doing so, we should embrace them rather than reject them” (Susskind). In an interview with Therese Breza, a nurse in the healthcare system, she countered with the belief that human interaction is a vital part of healthcare, and that her patients and people she has worked with value such interactions. However, with the increasing complexity of healthcare and possibility of unncessary or even dangerous treatments, Susskind’s countering that the most valuable part of professional experience is the professional knowledge means that machines that are always learning from each other and studies and effects of medicine on other medicines or humans shows that the supposedly valuable part of healthcare can still be present in the form of being a sort of front for a much more data heavy treatment plan managed by the most up-to-date and consistent methods in medical science, and humans can carry out what is needed. While the incentive so automate specialists such as surgeons is low, and not all doctors will go away, if a tablet has an app that is as good as a doctor, the security of such a profession will fall dramatically. There is an opinion that just as the mechanization of manual labor led to people moving into more intellectual jobs, that then the automation of intellectual jobs will free up people to work on creative pursuits. The only way to
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