Technology Plan Design

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Introduction: Technology Plan Design A technology plan should set the direction for the future use of technology as a tool for assisting School District in attaining their vision, mission, and goals. As noted by Picciano (2011), planning should include a comprehensive approach to identifying needs, commitment to follow through with action steps and resource acquisition, collaboration between internal and external publics. The plan should also be a continuity between change and a connection to the past that builds toward the future detailing objectives, rationale, strategies, and measurements. This approach to planning assists in developing a technology plan through “minimizing risks by establishing basic evaluation criteria early in the process” (pp 20 - 25) such as identification of measurable goals and insuring that all stakeholders are involved throughout the process. Knight (2011) and Senge (2001, 2012) recommend using a systems approach to planning and Picciano (2011) supports this by describing an implementation model that “defines, designs, develops and disseminates technology in small incremental stages until satisfied that the technology is meeting expected goals on a limited basis before implementing on a larger scale” (p. 25). Using a systems approach, a technology plan must identify operational feasibility and is often best implemented through a pilot or phased-in process. While a technology plan can look excellent on paper, identifying needs,
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