Technology Addiction To Technology

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What if I said that some of the brightest minds could steer consumers into spending more time and money by using technology? Well, it is true, they do. Adam Alter proves this idea through his book Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked. Technology has become not only universal but also accessible through just the tip of your finger. The obsession over technology and the most advanced gadgets have become more intense which has corrupted the lives of individuals who have unintentionally devoted their lives down the spiraling pit by dedicating their valuable time to these addicting products. Substantial and wealthy companies have become more successful over time by adjusting certain aspects that …show more content…

However, emotional advertising is also a primary factor in cultivating the need for these products such as clothing or the fitness watch which creates the “your life would be better, and you would be happier if you had this” idea. Simultaneously, with this conception and the conveniences that these products provide such as being able to communicate effortlessly across the world or being able to participate in a variety of games and purchase something and getting it delivered to you in two days creates excitement. One notable example of fueled emotional advertising is a woman with two master’s degree who has managed to embed herself in $80,000 in debt from online purchases.

Surely, one of the biggest video game culprits that have sucked users in drastically is World of Warcraft. These gamers have spent an excessive amount of time on the quests and group chats which give them a sense of purpose and ultimately have “drugged” them into the addictive obsession that is World of Warcraft. This game has become so dangerous, that even the creators have made sure to avoid it for its addicting qualities. Alter provides a former gaming addict named Isaac Vaisberg, not only did this person struggle through rehab but Isaac also voices his experience with relapsing and

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