Technology : The Eudite Generation

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Specialization to the maximum capacity; causes us: Generation Z to become masters in whichever path we so choose. We are the Erudite generation; and we get our profound knowledge from having an endless amount of tools at our fingertips. Today's generation has the obvious answer the internet. But even more specifically, what the internet has to offer us. Our peer group has taken advantage of the technological and psychological advances and findings that have been made from past generations. Causing the erudite generation to blossom in the technological world we currently live in.
Typically when you hear the word erudite you think of literary scholars such as Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. Or you think of musicians and scientists that were unsurpassed in their field of study. However, we as a generation, by definition, are considered erudite as well. Why? Because there has never been a generation so well versed in the technology. We rule the field. When older generations have questions about their laptops, smartphones, IPads, and even smart watches they ask their kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. We were bred to master technology because we were the first to be introduced to the new technology.
We as a generation never had to go to the library to find out information or sit at home on a desktop computer to search for things on the internet. We have phones that do that. We also are used to the more advanced systems on google drive oppose to word which requires you to click

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