Technology : This Is A Horrible Title Essay

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Technology: This is a horrible title.
When someone mentions technology, we think of smartphones, laptops, and various other popular machines that we use in our everyday life. Technology is often ridiculed because of such machinery. When you consider why technology is under such ridicule, you will find that general reasoning is that the constant use of smartphones and the internet addictions brought upon by the perpetual cycle of these products’ usage. Recently, the United States has seen an outrage towards technology as these devices continue to evolve. People of all ages have decided to protest the fast-evolving technology that has captured our hearts in recent years. People have begun to protest “all technology”. Lately, we have made technology out to be this horrid concept which corrupts us and deteriorates all our creativity and thought process.
Agreeably, we as a nation do spend too much time on our devices. This does not mean we should be upset with all of technology. If we ponder every aspect of technology, your opinion would drastically change. If we look at technology in its entirety, is technology truly negatively impacting our world?
With technology, we learn, we create, we evolve. Our devices are just a small percentage of technology in its whole. This part of this topic represents most of the reputation. In retrospect, even our most treasured devices have given us more promising results in our productivity and our lives than it has tarnished our mindsets. In

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