Technology and Classroom Learning

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Running Head: Technology and Learning Technology and Classroom Learning Technology plays a vital role in enhancing the level of learning and instruction in the classroom. Keeping this view in mind, I would implement both hardware and software technology in my Comprehensive Technology Plan. The basic hardware, which I would like to include, is Apple laptops "Mac Book" as they are easily portable and have all the necessary options required for online learning. High quality of webcam in Mac Book will not only be helpful for the students who can interact with international teachers but it will also help the teachers who can easily interact with their colleagues around the globe and ask them to take an online session in the class. Beside this, I would like to use thumb drive, which allows speedy storage and quick transfer of information. In addition, I would also add SuperDrive (DVD/CD recording and playing), multimedia projector and printer which assist the teachers in giving lectures and training students for giving presentations (Hardware and Software Essentials, 2007; Melville, 2005) As far as software is concerned, I will use Microsoft Office 2007. The reason for selecting this software is its user-friendly nature and a number of learning tools. Diagrams are a good way to explain difficult topic; students as well as teachers can facilitate themselves with the diagramming and drawing tools in Microsoft Office 2007, which are quite easy to use. The other software that I
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