Essay on Technology and Education

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Technology and Education

When I first stepped foot into a Towson University classroom I was surprised by what I saw. What I saw was something I thought only belonged in corporate meeting rooms. This device I speak of was a digital overhead projector. For me this was something new and very exciting. Where I went to school the idea of technology was a television with a VCR on a rolling stand. This change in technology was far superior than I had ever imagined and this is why I was I chose this topic to research. With all of the new technology that is being produced daily and so much of it beneficial to our education system what topic could be more interesting. The three topics I would like to cover in my research are the pros and cons of …show more content…

Then there is the Internet, which can make everyone lives that much easier, but in regards to education the Internet can do wonders. Not only can teachers use it in the classroom to use a reference but students can also do research for any type of assignment on any topic in the world. That’s how far reaching and valuable it is to education, even local school districts can have websites to inform that community of all the activities taking place in or around the school.

With all of the positives of technology in education there are also they negatives. The main setback of technology in education is the cost of the technology. It isn’t cheap at all and it leaves many schools without the means necessary to provide better technology for their students. The costs involve buying computers, printers, monitors, overheads, Internet connection, and of course the salary of technicians who keep all of this technology running. Another set back with the price of these technologies is that it can force some schools to spend money they should be spending on something else related to the school like renovations to buildings or anything else that relates to the safety of the students. Then there is also the fact that students are relying on computers to do a lot of the work for them. Word processing programs can fix spelling and grammatical errors without the student even learning that what is he doing is wrong. These problems can be

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