Technology 's Impact On Organizational Change

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Technology’s Impact on Organizational Change The sources of organizations are molded and coordinated by technology and its practices. New advancements in technology may influence changes in business and society, paying little mind to the likelihood that they are risky changes. In today 's perpetually changing business world, rolling out a reformation is a hazardous course of action and the innovation is impelling cause for associations to have the capacity to compete (Gokcen & Koc & Cavus, 2014). This paper presents technology 's impact on organizational change, and the factors that influence a company’s capacity and need to evolve. Technology Technology is a Greek word taken from the blend of a couple of words: techne (meaning art) and logos (meaning logic or science). So approximately deciphered, technology implies the craft of rationale or the specialty of experimental control. Formally, it has been characterized by Everett M. Rogers "a design for instrumental action that reduces the uncertainty in the cause-effect relationships involved in achieving a desired outcome" (as cited in Mason, n.d). That is, technology includes both unmistakable items, for an example, the PC, and information about methodologies and strategies, such as the technology of large scale manufacturing presented by Henry Ford and others (as cited in Mason, n.d). Another definition was advanced by J. Paap, as cited by Michael Bigwood in Research-Technology Management. Paap defined technology as "the
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