Ted Bundy: An Infamous Serial Killer

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Theodore Robert Bundy was an infamous serial killer who confessed to brutally murdering over 30 women. He was born on November 24th, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. Ted’s mother, Eleanor Louise Cowell gave birth to him in the Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers. The identity of Ted’s father is still unknown, but his birth certificate names a Lloyd Marshall. Eleanor also claimed that a veteran by the name of Jack Worthington could also be his father. Ted’s mother brought him to her parents, his grandparents, where they helped raise him. They lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for about 4 years. He then took his grandparents’ last name, Cowell, and was convinced while growing up that his mother was his sister and that his grandparents…show more content…
He later admitted to being socially inept and confessed that he didn’t understand social behavior, “I didn’t know what made things tick. I didn’t know what made people want to be friends. I didn’t know what made people attractive to one another. I didn’t know what underlay social interactions” ( In high school Bundy developed a strange interest in magazines and books on crime. He would frequent libraries in search for these types of books. Except that he would look for sexual violence and dead bodies within the contents of these books. He was arrested two times as a juvenile and was described has a compulsive thief and…show more content…
Bundy and Brooks dated for most of their college career, but suddenly, Brooks called it off, she was planning on returning to her family in California. But, she also stated that she was “Fed up with Ted’s immaturity and lack of ambition” ( Ted was devastated because she was his first love and was highly infatuated with her. Some sources state that shortly following this breakup, Ted returned to his birthplace and visited the records clerk to learn the truth about his family. After this discovery, Bundy became a more focused person. He became the manager of Governor Nelson Rockefeller’s campaign. Ted and the governor became close and Bundy even received a letter of recommendation from the governor, to further ensure his law school enrollment. Bundy also began dating Elizabeth Kloepfer, they would continue dating for 6 years. A minor scandal broke out involving Ted Bundy and his role on the campaign trail. He was caught giving audio tape recordings of Governor Rockefeller’s democratic opponent to the republican governor’s campaign. In 1972, Bundy graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in psychology
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