Teen Depression : Genetics Or Situational Cause Word Count

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Teen Depression: Genetics or Situational Cause Word count:1225 Does genetics or a child’s environment and surroundings have a greater impact on causing teen depression? “Rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70 per cent in the past 25 years” (Bedell 1). Teen depression, whether caused by the situation the teen is in, (getting a bad a grade, family relationships, and how they were raised), or it being genetics getting passed down to the teen from parents, depression is a serious issue. Nature vs. nurture has been debated over the years about which one is the main cause of human development. Such a debate can be made for specific human development like depression and other mental diseases. Both “nature” …show more content…

Lifestyle Factors And Environmental Causes Of Major Depression discusses what a good and healthy lifestyle and what meteorological factors impact depression. “In addition, a person with very little innate propensity to become depressed can also develop symptoms after they encounter a significant and traumatic environmental, meteorological, trigger such as the annihilation of their home by a hurricane” (Nemade 1). This quote is an example of an meteorological factors. The horrible aftermath of a natural disaster could cause depression long term in tandem with post-traumatic stress. This source, MentalHelp, credible because they research about mental health and is not biased. In Mental Illness May Be In Your Genes it talks about genetic factors, but genetics is not the whole story and talks about how meteorological factors also have an impact into causing depression. “Genes aren’t the whole story and that something in the environment must also be involved to trigger a psychiatric problem” (Iliades 1). This quote states there is something more than solely genetics, but also the article does list factors in everyday life that could be the cause of depression. Iliades is credible because he is not biased wrote multiple research articles. In Reasons for Teen Depression it talks about reasons why teens could get depression and environmental factor in lifestyle and daily responsibilities

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