Teenage Drama Essay

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Teenage drama often centres around budding relationships. We see it on TV, social media, the school courtyard even. ‘You know me well’ unpacks all of that without a heteronormative lens and follows the life of Mark and Kate who are both gay and afraid to open themselves to new opportunities who meet one another by chance one night and become close friends. It is quite easy for teenagers to relate to the problems that Mark and Kate faced as they are common problems that are still relevant to today. Kate faces her fear of growing up and leaving high school. "Every time I think about leaving I panic. I know it's normal to be nervous....... But I should be a little bit excited, too, right? And I’m not. I'm not at all. I can't even think about it because I hate the idea so much." Like Kate, it makes many teens feel very pressured and outright scared of the thought of graduating high school and going off to university; it’s scary to think that you will have to grow up and mature. Her and Mark also journey towards accepting the things that they cannot change and opened themselves up to new opportunities which sends a positive message towards teenagers who are also trying to find their identity and are constantly trying to change themselves to try and fit into society. “You're becoming. You're in the process of becoming. You just don't know what yet..... That felt right. It felt okay to stop there, for now, as we walked through the future.” Society especially scrutinises

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