Teenage Happiness Essay

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“Happiness is as a butterfly which, when perused, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may align upon you” (Brooks, 2013) Happiness, is the feeling of when you are fulfilled and satisfied. There are three main factors that are the main contributions to teenager’s happiness. The first factor is the environment that teenagers live in and how it has a strong influence on their happiness. The second factor is a passion, something that interests them. Thirdly the last factor, if their needs are being satisfied, whether they have an understanding of motivation and how a positive mindset will help lead to happiness. Having a strong foundation for a teenager is very crucial, by having a strong community around…show more content…
Remembering the quality of friends over quantity is very important and helps teenagers find true supportive friends. Some teenagers get satisfaction and happiness from having a large followers group on social media, however having close friends is also very important to have a balance. By having a strong sense of friendships and family is very important, it is also beneficial to open up your friend group with people who share similar passions. By teenagers doing something they are passionate about, it brightens their mood because of the strong emotions they have for something. Whether it is a sport, a team, music, art, dance of anything that sparks their interest, having an activity that they enjoy doing gives them something to look forward to in the future. This will then lead to their own happiness especially when they are doing the activity. Being a part of a team or group activity is important because researchers say they it is not just the activity that makes teenagers happy, it is the social interactions that boosts their spirits and makes them happy and look forward to doing the activity and interacting with others who have the same interests. (Holmes, 2014) It is important for teenagers to find time for positive events because they often get caught up in the negatives, such as drama or only school
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