Teenagers Affects Teenagers

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Does not having a close relationship with parent’s during teenage years affect adulthood? ONE! HUNDRED! DEMONS! By Lynda Barry, in her comic novel where she manifests throughout her life she is going through different types of demons. The demons she speaks about are generally about her emotions, and what she is going through throughout her teenage years. A lot of the demons she is dealing with is because it has to do with the lack of relationship she has with her mother. Lynda’s mother was never affectionate towards her, every time Lynda tried to open up to her mother, her mother would respond in a rude way and shut Lynda out. This made Lynda feel like her mom did not care about what she had to say, she felt unwanted, she had no one else to talk to because Lynda was known to be an antisocial girl, she had no friends at school and no one else to turn to. During a teenager’s years is when they need the most attention and support from an adult meaning parent or parents. In most cases when the teenager is not being acknowledged and feels misunderstood, they seek the wrong alternative in order to get the attention they want and need. When a teenager does not have a close relationship with their parents or parent, it does affect the teenager in their future adulthood. During this stage of life as an adolescent they are going through rapid physical and emotional changes and trying to figure out who they are and becoming. These are the years where they are needing to be heard and

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