Teens And Teenage Depression

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For teenagers it is normal to feel pressures from our environment as we go through our journey of being a teen trying to figure out who we are and who we fit in with. Because of this it is hard to distinguish depression from normal feelings of sadness.Depression is a growing mental health disorder that goes beyond just feeling sad, it can affect every aspect of a teens life. Although depression is a growing issue among teens unfortunately it isn’t being recognized as a serious problem.As a teen who has met other teens struggling with depression I believe teens don’t have a safe emotional outlet because more often than not the people they confide in underestimate the severity of depression. First, it’s important to establish the problem of depression is real in my community because depression can have harmful side effects such as self harm and suicide.In her Depression Rates Are Climbing In Teens and Young Adults article, Korin Miller explains that “teens are often overlooked for diagnosis because they may look fine and then have terrible periods of feeling either sad and hopeless…which may be misinterpreted as just teen behavior.” (Miller) People often mistake depression for normal feelings of sadness which is why depression in teens isn’t seen as a real problem. The difference between depression and normal feelings of sadness is that sadness goes away after a couple of hours or days but depression can last weeks, months, or years. According to Dr. Ron J Steingard in his
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