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Telemedicine Rebecca P Meripo
MHS515: Information System in Health Care
Professor Susan Harman
United States University

Introduction In order to develop the health and health care and also in order to use the new and upcoming technology the Telemedicine is used which is an extension of eHealth. Telecare and Telemonitoring are the other two words which are also associated with telemedicine. Through telemedicine the patient can be monitored at their home. Telemedicine represents inspiring transfer in the delivery of health care, due to this transfer there will be change in patient care from the
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(American Telemedicine Association, 2012)
• Medical education provides systematic medical instruction credits for health professionals. In rural areas the target groups are provided with special medical education seminars. (American Telemedicine Association, 2012)
The role of Telemedicine in clinical decision making:
“ Promoting, empowering and facilitating health and wellbeing with individuals, families and communities, and the development of specialized practice through the use of information management and information and communication technology is the main role that is played by EHealth which is an aspect of health care ” (RCN ehealth strtegic plan, 2013)
Telemedicine is the extension of eHealth. The consultation by phone has become a routine in primary health care. The practice nurses should be provided with the educational support in order to cope up with the situations in this area. In order to continue professional development for practice nurses Telephone consultation skills are obligatory. To improve quality of care Practices should implement a process of evaluating telephone calls and auditing outcomes. (Andrews,
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