Television Has Changed Our Lives

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Television has been an everyday experience on most people’s lives for the last 80 years. Over these years it has changed the way people see the world and how people got their news. It has changed people socially; it has sparked fads and fashion. With radio people were not worried about their appearances or how the listener saw things. All of the radio listeners had were their imagination, television helped conceive what characters actually looked like on the shows. People, including myself, have their favorite programs and enjoy talking about them with others.
Television has changed the way that society views things and it was the precursor to the internet and allowed people to see things from all over the world, every night the nightly news would bring all these things to everyone’s living rooms. It also effected how Americans became consumers through commercials. It has served as an information resource, an escape, and an educational tool as well, and it is even said to have won an election for JFK. Television is a very powerful part of communications and a very important technology in changing society and history. Before the Kennedy presidency, television was far behind print journalism in terms of sources audiences relied upon for news. But soon, people relied on TV news for the day 's headlines as well as information on American troops in Vietnam, particularly the numbers of those killed or wounded. When something major happened on TV, it affected the whole country at

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