Television Should Be Limited For Children Essay

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The young generations are growing up in a phase of electronics; they are glued to television, phone, and tablet screens, “For some this vision represents a Utopian dream; for others, it suggests a nightmare. The difference lies in which hemisphere of the brain one sides with politically and perceptually” (Boyle 251). Being constantly glued to a glowing screen is partly to appease and partly to entertain however; parents seem to allow children to spend increasingly time staring blankly at screens rather than outside playing or spending time with family or friends. Giving children time to sit down and play not only by themselves but with adults and children their own age provides them with social skills, language development and gross motor skills that television alone cannot provide. Therefore, television should be limited for children especially children with impairments, who need special help with these aspects.
Although some television shows are educational and can help the child learn special skills, overall, there are more harmful shows than there are helpful ones. “TV shows like "Big Blue Marble," "Call It Macaroni," "Mister Rogers ' Neighborhood," "Sesame Street," and "Zoom." ACT 's series demonstrates that children 's programs can enhance, enrich, and engage young audiences” (Boyle 251). However, shows like Uncle Grandpa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob SquarePants, Calliou, Adventure Time, promote violence and teach kids that it is okay for them to run

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