Television Show, Suits, Shows Conceptual Old Lawyers Ideals in Modern Light

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Conceptual Old Lawyers Ideals, in Modern Light Since early American history, lawyers were perceived as public-servants encompassing a humble lifestyle. Notable lawyers such as Abraham Lincoln were political figures whose objective it was to serve communities and make an effort for a positive change. This notion was slowly altered as corporations began to form and corporate law firms emerged. The lucrative business of law grew and the perception of veracious, hard-working lawyers slowly transitioned into a negative one. Contemporary legal dramas such as Suits mark a shift in how corporate lawyers are perceived and creates an alternative reality, showing corporate lawyers performing their job at the highest ethical integrity while …show more content…

Although he could have overlooked the issue, he jeopardized his credibility and fought against the car company. He tried talking directly to the CEO of the company and stated, “If you don’t make it right on your own, I will” demonstrating Harvey’s conviction to follow his ethical morality and fight for unrepresented victims. In another instance a District Attorney used false evidence to convict a man for murder, and was sentenced for a life term. When Harvey uncovered this situation he goes against the District Attorney who was his own mentor and sought justice for the man in prison. As a corporate lawyer Harvey does not need to involve himself civil-suits but as a justice-seeking man he evades all opposition and centers in keeping his ethical moral code. Corporate America has invoked the portrayal of lawyers as self-interested, money-driven individuals, but Suits deteriorates this stereotype and show lawyers’ conviction for the public-good. The show subtly incorporates long-established traditional perception of lawyers who defend citizens who have unjustly been handled under the law. America is on a continuous path to fix the lamentable aspects of society. Most prominently, the inequality in the workplace that has been a debatable issue in recent months. Suits took a stance on this contemporary issues and demonstrated how unfair it is for women in America to be treated unfairly. They demonstrated the inequality in

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