Temporal Lobe Vs. Henke: Declarative Memory

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Squire et al. (2004) argue that the medial temporal lobe is essential to the system for conscious “declarative” (conscious) memory. In contrast, in Henke (2010)’ s view, the role of the medial temporal lobe, especially the hippocampus, is to support rapid encoding of flexible associations (i.e. episodic memory) regardless of conscious awareness. She indicates that consciousness is not a necessary feature of hippocampus related memories. Henke also does not use the term “declarative memory” since not all the hippocampus-dependent memory can be consciously “declared”. In addition, Squire et al. (2004) mentions that current neuroimaging research do not simply support a division of labor within the medial temporal lobe from, but Henke is in favor
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